River Valley District Library Event Calendar

Date: 5/23/2020
Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Title: Virtual Bingo: The Boredom Cure with Ms. Linnea
Contact: ,
Location: Zoom Meeting Online
For all ages. Click into Zoom for a Virtual Bingo night with Ms. Linnea! Each person will need a piece of scratch paper that they can make into a 5x5 bingo card, 5 squares up/down and 5 squares across, as well as something to use for bingo markers and a writing utensil. There is no cost to attend or participate.

Click on the following link at 7pm on Saturday, May 23rd to join in on the fun: https://zoom.us/j/96334333238?pwd=WFdlNWFlVnJoK0pwUlZZOFNmOHJBZz09

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