Resume Help

Need some help with your resume, but don't know where to start? 
  • Microsoft Office Templates offers a large number of templates to get started without worrying so much about the format.
  • Resume Genius offers a wide variety of resume samples from which to choose from.
Download the MS Word file and type over the existing text or click on the Resume Genius link for some samples.
Microsoft Word Resume Templates                
Resume Genius Samples
Resume Checklist

You can use the checklist below to review your resume and to avoid some very common mistakes.  This checklist is designed for perusing your resume section by section to make sure each entry is as complete as possible.
Monster's Resume Checklist
Not sure how to write a resume or a cover letter? 

"You’ve never written a resume, or you did once, twenty years ago. Before jumping in headfirst, get back to the basics. These written guides below will help you choose a format, order your information in the best way possible according to your education and work experience, and style your resume in both an effective but eye-pleasing manner." ~Resume Genius
How to Write a Resume